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Welcome to Trussart Nurseries, the ultimate destination for exceptional plant production. Whether you are a garden center in search of superior quality products or a landscaper looking to create stunning green spaces, we are here to assist you. We invite you to schedule a visit to our nursery to explore our extensive selection and benefit from the expertise of our team. You can also make an appointment with one of our representatives who will be delighted to meet you and discuss your specific needs.

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Pépinières Trussart

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At Trussart Nurseries, quality is our foremost commitment. We take pride in offering you plants of unparalleled excellence, cultivated with care and expertise. Every plant that leaves our nurseries is the result of meticulous work, from the rigorous selection of seeds and cuttings to the attentive cultivation and constant monitoring of their development.

Thanks to our privileged location near the St-Laurent, our plants benefit from a favorable microclimate for their growth and receive natural irrigation rich in essential minerals, promoting their robust development and resistance to the most demanding weather conditions. At Trussart Nurseries, our geolocation is one of the secrets behind the impressive size and unmatched quality of our plants!

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Pépinières Trussart

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A wide range

Our nursery is brimming with a diverse selection of potted plants, from colorful perennials to sturdy trees, blooming shrubs, and graceful grasses.

But most importantly, we ensure the constant availability of our plants! We understand the importance of relying on a reliable supply, which is why we make every effort to keep our stocks up-to-date and offer you a diverse range of plants.

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