Since 1983

A growing story

Founded in 1983 by Claude and Lise Trussart, Trussart Nurseries is located in Lanoraie. Over the years, Trussart Nurseries has distinguished itself by the quality and variety of its products.

In 2018, new associates were brought in to take over the business, while Claude Trussart continued to play a management role.

In 2022, Trussart Nurseries acquired 27 hectares of land, making it one of the largest production nurseries in Quebec.

Pépinières Trussart
Pépinières Trussart


Growing excellence together

An industry leader, Trussart Nurseries is a premium plant grower that offers an efficient one-stop shop to garden centers, landscapers, and municipalities. Known for the wide variety and exceptional quality of its products, our production nursery is one of the largest in Quebec with over 170 acres dedicated to production. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of potted plants, Trussart Nurseries is constantly adapting to market trends to offer exceptional service to our customers.


Customer Experience

Customized services



Bloomin' Easy Ambassadeur

Pépinières Trussart is a recognized distributor of Bloomin’ easy plants. It’s possible for you to become an ambassador of the brand in an effort to strengthen your positioning. We will accompany you in the process of marketing and we will provide you with all the necessary promotional material to ensure an optimal display in store.

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